A guide to AFM Microelectronics high temperature MLC capacitors

AFM Microelectronics is a California based manufacturer of high performance multilayer ceramic capacitors for commercial, RF/microwave, aerospace, medical, down hole, automotive and defence electronics.

Their range of high temperature multilayer ceramic capacitors comprises radial and axial leaded encapsulated devices, dipped radial capacitors for high voltage applications, surface mount capacitors for extreme environment RF/microwave applications and encapsulated surface mount devices for high voltage power supply applications.

All are rated to +200°C operating temperature.

Overall capacitance range is 0.1pF to 2.7µF and voltage range is 50Vdc to 5000Vdc.

Ceramic dielectric types are C0G (NP0), X7R and porcelain.

AFM Microelectronics High Temperature MLC Capacitors

To find data sheets for high temperature multilayer ceramic capacitors at our unique library, check out our Help Centre article below.

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