A guide to American Shizuki AC filter capacitors

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

American Shizuki Corp. is a long established manufacturer of plastic film capacitors for commercial and industrial applications. They are associated with the Shizuki Electric Company of Japan and are headquartered in Ogallala, Nebraska.

Their range of plastic film capacitors designed for AC filter applications comprises:

The HCO/HCG Series

These single phase AC filter capacitors feature metallized polypropylene film construction, a cylindrical metal can, threaded terminals and a stud mounting base.

They are designed for input and output filtering in UPS systems, motor drive systems, wind and solar power systems and similar power conversion applications.

Capacitance range is 17.5µF - 760µF and voltage range is 250Vrms - 1000Vrms.

HCO_HCG Series
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The X382 Series

These three-phase capacitors feature a sealed aluminum can construction filled with a soft gel or biodegradable oil to reduce internal heating heating and prolong the life of the device.

They are deigned for three-phase filtering and power factor correction applications.

Capacitance range is 3 x 8.0µF - 3 x 233µF and voltage range is 240Vac - 850Vac.

X3820 Series
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