A guide to AVX single layer ceramic capacitors

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Single layer ceramic capacitors are miniature low profile devices for use in RF/microwave circuits.

They feature a single layer fine grained ceramic construction in contrast to the more common multilayer ceramic device.

AVX Corp. is a leading designer and manufacturer of single layer ceramic capacitors for broadband and ultra broadband applications.

Maxi and Maxi+ Series

These GBBL capacitors are ideal for extreme broadband bypass applications.

They feature dielectric constants exceeding 20,000 and 30,000 respectively and are available with or without borders.

Capacitance range is 68pF to 10,000pF and working voltage is 50Vdc.

Maxi Series
Download • 231KB

Ultra Maxi Series

These capacitors feature an increased dielectric constant of 60,000 that means reductions in board mounting area of up to two thirds can be achieved when compared to a similar Maxi or Maxi+ plus device above.

They are ideal for broadband bypass applications where a small footprint and high performance are required.

Capacitance range is 200pF to 6500pF and working voltage is 25Vdc.

Ultra Maxi Series
Download • 104KB

NPO & X7R Series

The microwave single layer ceramic capacitors are available in NPO temperature compensating and X7R dielectrics in versions both with and without borders.

Bordered versions enhance visual definition during placement and wirebonding.

Capacitance range is 0.06pF - 300pF and voltage range is 50Vdc - 100Vdc.

NP0 and X7R Series
Download • 103KB

Multi-Cap Arrays

These SLC arrays can be manufactured with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 capacitors on a single substrate and provide the benefits of smaller overall size, reduced handling and lower average unit costs.

Custom designs are available to meet individual customer requirements.

Standard capacitance range is 20pF - 1900pF and operating voltage is 50Vdc.

AVX Multi Cap Arrays
Download • 126KB

X7S Series

The X7S dielectric provides significant improvement over the TCC of the traditional GBBL dielectrics, Z5U and Y5V as well as a wider operating temperature of -55°C - +125°C.

This series is available in five dielectric constants (2,500, 5,000, 9,000, 14,000 and 18,000) in versions both with and without borders.

Capacitance range is 20pF - 4700pF and capacitance range 50Vdc - 100Vdc.

X7S Series
Download • 111KB

To find data sheets for single layer ceramic capacitors at our unique library, check out our Help Centre article below:

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