A guide to AVX wet tantalum capacitors

Updated: May 20, 2020

AVX is a global leaded in tantalum capacitor technology and one of the very small number of manufacturers producing high performance wet tantalum capacitors for aerospace, industrial, down hole and military applications.

Their comprehensive range of wet tantalum devices provides higher capacitance and voltage levels than solid tantalum capacitors, are hermetically sealed and are available in axial leaded and modular packages.

High Temperature 175°C to 230°C

The TWD Series is suitable for use in harsh environments such as industrial, avionics and military up to 175°C.

The TWC-Y and TWA-Y Series are suitable for use in harsh environment applications such as industrial, down hole and aerospace up to 200°C.

The TWA-X Series is suitable for similar applications up to 230°C.

Military and DLA

The MIL39006/33 and MIL39006/22/25/30/31 Series are manufactured in accordance with MIL-PRF-39006 for defence and avionics applications.

The DLA 93026 Series in qualified to DLA 93026 and the TWS-DLA 13017 is qualified to DLA 13017 which encompasses the high capacitance values of DLA 93026 with additional mechanical stability for increased vibration capability.


The AVX COTS-Plus range of wet tantalum capacitors provides designers with options beyond the MIL and DLA standard range.

The TWA COTS-Plus Series is based on 93026 and the TWC on M39006.

The TWM Series is a capacitor module based on TWA Series capacitors.

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