A guide to Ceramtec RF ceramic capacitors

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Formerly the Unilator Division of Morgan Matroc, Ceramtec is a UK based manufacturer of technical ceramic products.

Their range of capacitors comprises RF ceramic capacitors in barrel, pot, tubular, disc/plate and feedthrough configurations and high voltage ceramic disc capacitors with threaded terminations.

Their RF ceramic capacitors are designed for use in industrial and high power applications such as radio broadcast (#broadcast) transmitters, induction (#induction) and dielectric heating equipment, high power matching tuned circuits, antenna coupling circuits and medical imaging (MRI) (#mri) systems.

RF Power Capacitors Barrel Type

  • High Q (low loss), Class 1 ceramic capacitors

  • Capacitance range 2pF - 100pF

  • Voltage 4kVpk

RF Barrel Type
Download • 383KB

RF Disc / Plate Capacitor

  • High Q (low loss) ceramic material

  • Capacitance range 1,000pF - 15,000pF

  • Voltage 3.5kVpk

Disc/Plate Type
Download • 265KB

RF Feedthrough Capacitors

  • High Q (low loss) Class 1 ceramic material

  • Capacitance range 150pF - 4,000pF

  • Voltage range 10kVpk to 15kVpk

Feed Through Type
Download • 285KB

RF Pot Capacitors

  • High Q (low loss) Class 1ceramic material

  • Capacitance range 20pF - 2,500pF

  • Voltage range 6kVpk to 10kVpk

Pot Type
Download • 351KB

RF Tubular Capacitors

  • High Q (low loss) Class 1 ceramic material

  • Capacitance range 125pF - 5000pF

  • Voltage range 5kVpk to 15kVpk

Tubular Type
Download • 541KB

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