A guide to down hole grade tantalum capacitors

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Oil and gas exploration places rigorous demands on systems and components. These

high temperature tantalum capacitors meet the stringent requirements for down hole and related operations.


The AVX range of downhole grade tantalum capacitors comprises axial leaded wet tantalum capacitors and molded surface mount chips, including a unique hermetically sealed device. Operating temperature range is +175°C to +230°C.


The THQA2/M2 Series has a standard operating temperature of -55°C to +125°C; however, a high temperature option (+200°C) and a shock hardened option (>10000g) are available.


The Exxelia range comprises high temperature, axial leaded wet tantalum capacitors.


KEMET produces high temperature, surface mount chip tantalums suitable for oil and gas exploration applications.


Like AVX, Vishay produces both axial leaded wet tantalum capacitors and surface mount chip tantalums suitable for down hole operation.

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