A guide to Electrocube audio grade aluminum electrolytic capacitors

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Electrocube is a US based manufacturer of standard and custom precision plastic film capacitors for consumer, professional, audio, aerospace, industrial and military applications.

In addition to their broad range of advanced design and retro design plastic film capacitors for high end audio applications, they also manufacture two series of aluminum electrolytic capacitors for professional audio applications.

The Electrocube AEL Type

The Electrocube AEL Type is an axial leaded aluminum electrolytic capacitor featuring enhanced audio performance.

  • capacitance range: 4.7µF - 6800µF

  • voltage range: 63Vdc - 500Vdc

  • tolerance: ±20%

  • operating temp. range: -45°C - +85°C

  • custom versions on application

Electrocube AEL Series
Download • 318KB
Electrocube AEL Series
Download • 318KB

The Electrocube AENP Type

The Electrocube AENP Type is a non-polar axial leaded aluminum electrolytic capacitor for speaker crossover network applications.

  • capacitance range: 1.0µF - 100µF

  • voltage range: 35Vdc (23Vac) - 70Vdc (50Vac)

  • tolerance: ±10%

  • operating temp. range: -45°C - +105°C

Electrocube AENP Series
Download • 257KB
Electrocube AEPN Series
Download • 257KB

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