A guide to Electronic Concepts DC Link film capacitors

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Electronic Concepts, Inc. (ECI) is a US headquartered designer and manufacturer of high performance plastic film capacitors for coupling/decoupling, energy storage, snubber circuit, inverter circuit, AC & DC filter circuit and DC link applications.

Their range of capacitors suitable for DC link applications are high current devices and feature proprietary film technology as well as the industry's first film dielectric capacitor replacement for aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

UL3, MP3 and UH3 Series

These three device are high power, high RMS current capacitors featuring a tangential mounting flange vs. terminal configuration for low ESL operation.

Overall capacitance range is 6.5µ F to 2400µF and voltage range is 500Vdc to 2400Vdc.

LH3 Series

The LH3 Series features an innovative and compact four terminal design for low ESL operation and smaller bus bar design. The integrated mounting flange is designed to withstand high shock and vibration.

Capacitance range is 30µF to 1600µF and voltage range is 500Vdc to 2400Vdc.

UP3 and UL30 Series

The UP3 and UL30 Series were both designed a replacements for electrolytic capacitors and provide higher RMS current and surge voltage capability.

Overall capacitance range is 25µF to 2100µF and voltage range is 300Vdc to 3000Vdc.

UP2 Series

The UP2 Series are axial leaded/tabbed polypropylene capacitors in an oval polyester wrap and epoxy end fill.

Capacitance range is 2µF to 85µF and voltage range is 500Vdc to 3000Vdc.

UL9 Series

The UL9 Series is designed to handle the heavy loads of power DC link applications. They are long life, high RMS current, low ESR/ESL devices available in four standard mounting configurations.

Capacitance range is 380µF to 17,100µF and voltage range is 7OOVdc to 3000Vdc.

EV/HEV Series

The EV/HEV Series, as the name suggests, are high current capacitors designed for DC link applications in electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

Capacitance range is 130µF to 1000µF and voltage range is 450Vdc to 1000Vdc.

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