A guide to KEMET KPS Series capacitors for bulk capacitance applications in an MLC package

The KEMET KPS Series of capacitors are high capacitance stacked MLC devices designed for the commercial, industrial, automotive and aerospace industries in applications such as power supply filtering and snubber circuits.

The are available in C0G (NP0), X7R and X8L dielectrics in voltages ranging from 10Vdc to 2000Vdc and operating temperatures from +125°C to +200°C.

Overall capacitance range for the series of devices is 0.0047µF to 75µF.

They employ a proprietary lead frame technology that offers advanced mechanical and thermal stress performance while offering up to double the capacitance in the same or smaller footprint when compared to a traditional surface mount MLC capacitor.

High Temperature KPS Series Capacitors

These capacitors are X8L and C0G devices with upper operating temperature limits of 150°C and 200°C respectively.

They are low ESL/ESR devices designed for industrial, automotive and, in the case of the C0G 200°C capacitors, aerospace and down hole applications.

Overall capacitance range is 0.0047µF to 47µF and voltage range 10Vdc to 2000Vdc.

The KPS MIL Series

The KEMET KPS MIL Series is available in industrial, military and space grades and is designed for SMPS, snubber and pulse grade applications.

Capacitance range is 0.47µF to 75µF and voltage range 25Vdc to 1000Vdc.

KPS X7R Commercial Grade Series

X7R capacitors suitable for power supply, DC/DC converter, noise reduction and critical circuits in industrial and telecom applications.

Overall capacitance range is 0.047µF to 47µF and voltage range is 10Vdc to 630Vdc.

KPS X7R Automotive Grade Series

AEC-Q200 compliant X7R capacitors for automotive applications.

Overall capacitance range is 0.047µF to 47µF and voltage range 10Vdc to 630Vdc.

KPS SnPb Termination Series

X7R capacitors with tin/lead terminations for aerospace, industrial and defence applications.

Capacitance range 0.047µF to 47µF and voltage range 10Vdc to 630Vdc.

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