A guide to KEMET tantalum polymer capacitors

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

KEMET manufactures a comprehensive range of low ESR tantalum polymer capacitors for commercial, automotive and high reliability aerospace and defence applications.

They are available in surface mount molded chip (including low profile face down types) and hermetically sealed axial leaded packaging.

Industrial Grade

Low ESR, low ESL, reduced leakage, high energy and stacked high capacitance devices for commercial and industrial applications.

Automotive Grade

High humidity and high temperature surface mount polymer capacitors

High Reliability

DLA approved and upscreened versions for aerospace, defence and telecommunications applications.

Hermetically Sealed

Axial leaded and surface mount axial leaded devices for high reliability, high ripple current applications.


Ultra low ESR, high capacitance devices for mission critical applications requiring high power, filtering, hold-up and pulse current generation.

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