A guide to KEMET ultra high temperature aluminum electrolytic capacitors

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are typically rated to +85°C or +105°C. High temperature aluminum electrolytic capacitors are rated to +125°C.

Several manufacturers produce aluminum electrolytic capacitors designed to operate beyond these limits for applications such as under-the-hood automotive and extreme environment industrial.

Operating temperature range from +135°C to +165°C, mounting styles are radial leaded, axial leaded, surface mount V-chip and solder star, overall capacitance range 1µF to 25,000µF and voltage range 10Vdc to 450Vdc.

We begin our short series on the range of ultra high temperature aluminum electrolytic capacitors available to you with a review of the range produced by KEMET.

The comprise axial leaded capacitors rated up to +150°C (some with requisite voltage derating) and radial crown (solder star) capacitors rated up to +150°C and +165°C. These devices are designed primarily for automotive applications but also suit high temperature industrial applications.

Overall capacitance range is 33µF - 6,300µF and voltage range is 25Vdc to 63Vdc.

KEMET Ultra High Temperature Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

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