A guide to modular tantalum capacitors

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Modular tantalum capacitors are either high capacitance or high voltage devices made up of several discrete capacitors connected in series or parallel and encased in a molded plastic or metal case.

They are primarily designed for energy hold-up applications in aerospace and defence, but find some applications in the industrial sector as well.


The AVX TWM Series consists of wet tantalum capacitors connected in parallel for high capacitance ratings. The packaging delivers provides a rugged board connection for extreme environments.

AVX TWA series capacitors are the standard discrete devices used but alternate configurations are available.

Standard capacitance range is 200µF to 9,000µF.


The Evans Capacitor Company's Capacitor Banks comprise an assembly of either 3 or 6 discrete devices housed in an aluminum case with a screw-attached cover.

Capacitance range is 1,100µF to 900,000µF and voltage range is 10Vdc to 700Vdc.


Exxelia modular tantalum capacitors are wet tantalum capacitors connected in parallel or series in a molded plastic housing for aerospace and defence applications.

Capacitance range is 27µF to 40,000µF and voltage range is 6Vdc to 450Vdc.


Alone in this range, the KEMET M55 Series is a tantalum polymer module, consisting of either their T550 or T551 discrete devices in a hermetically sealed housing.

It is designed for mission critical applications.

Capacitance range is 250µF to 8,200µF.


Wet tantalum capacitor modules for defence and industrial applications.

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