A guide to Nichicon audio grade capacitors

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Nichicon produces one of the most comprehensive ranges of aluminum electrolytic capacitors designed for high end audio applications in the industry.

Radial Leaded Types

  • bipolar capacitors designed for speaker crossover networks

  • polar capacitors (including low profile devices) designed to deliver superior sound

Surface Mount Types

  • V-chip devices for audio equipment

Snap In Types

  • snap in capacitors for high fidelity sound reproduction


Radial Leaded

Nichicon UDB Series
Download • 615KB
Nichicon UES Series
Download • 635KB
Nichicon UFG Series
Download • 648KB
Nichicon UFW Series
Download • 709KB
Nichicon UKA Series
Download • 602KB
Nichicon UKT Series
Download • 601KB
Nichicon UKW Series
Download • 614KB
Nichicon UKZ Series
Download • 616KB
Nichicon USW Series
Download • 668KB
Nichicon UMW Series
Download • 566KB

Surface Mount V-Chip

Nichicon UUQ Series
Download • 719KB
Nichicon UCQ Series
Download • 672KB


Nichicon LKG Series
Download • 993KB
Nichicon LKS Series
Download • 655KB
Nichicon LKX Series
Download • 647KB

Download our unique selection guides to audio grade aluminum capacitors.

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