A guide to Rubycon low profile aluminum capacitors

A guide to Rubycon low profile aluminum capacitors

Rubycon produces a range of low profile (#lowprofile) radial leaded and snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors for consumer and professional applications.

Types include standard polarised devices and bi-polar capacitors for circuits where a reverse polarity may occur.

Capacitance range for radial leaded devices is 0.33µF to 1,000µF and voltage range is 4Vdc tp 63Vdc. Case height range is 5mm to 9mm.

The KXF Series snap-in capacitor has a capacitance range of 39µF to 10,000µF and voltage range is 10Vdc to 450Vdc. Can height is 20mm.

Rubycon Low Profile Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

To find data sheets for low profile aluminum capacitors at the unique Capacitor Faks data sheet library, check out our Help Centre article below.

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