A guide to TDK (Epcos) screw terminal aluminum capacitors

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

The Epcos (formerly Siemens) division of TDK produces a comprehensive range of long life, high reliability screw terminal (#screwterminal) aluminum electrolytic capacitors for professional and industrial power supply and inverter applications.

All are constructed of an aluminum case insulated with a PET sleeve and mount with ring clips, clamps or a studded base.

All are charge-discharge proof and most are available in a version featuring an optimized base cooling design (heat sink mounting) that delivers up to twice the ripple current capability.

  • Overall capacitance range: 820µF to 680,000µF

  • Overall voltage range: 16Vdc to 600Vdc

  • 85°C and 105°C types

TDK (Epcos) Screw Terminal Aluminum Capacitors

Download our unique selection guide to Epcos screw terminal aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

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