A guide to voltage multiplier assemblies

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Voltage multiplier assemblies consist of a set of stacked ceramic disc capacitors connected in series for use in low power voltage multipliers for high voltage DC generators.

Image source: CeramTec

Their main application is in the manufacture of voltage multipliers for electrostatic spray painting equipment (they also find applications in high voltage laser circuits) .

Intermediate fittings allow the connection of diodes. Output voltages in excess of 100kVdc can be achieved depending on the number of discs in the stack. This high DC output voltage generates a corona discharge at the end of the spray gun. This HV electric field causes the surrounding air to break down creating negatively charged ions. The spray paint particles pass through this field and attach themselves to the nearest earthed object or surface.

Typically up to 12 ceramic disc capacitors can be stacked with voltage ratings of the individual discs ranging from 8kVdc to 12kVdc.

Their compact size, low weight and high voltage withstand capabilities still make ceramic disc voltage multiplier assemblies popular.

The Draloric division of Vishay is the main manufacturer of these devices.

Vishay Draloric


UK based manufacturer of technical ceramics, CeramTec, also manufactures high voltage multiplier assemblies. They do not have published data sheets. Please visit their web site here.

To find voltage multiplier assembly data sheets at Capacitor Faks, check out our Help Desk article below.

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