A guide to Wima capacitors
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A guide to Wima capacitors

WIMA GmbH & Co. is a leading specialist manufacturer of high quality film capacitors for commercial, industrial and automotive applications.

Founded in 1948 by Wilhelm Westermann in Una/Westphalia, Germany, they remain to this day an independent and privately owned producer of high performance polyester, polypropylene, PPS and PEN film capacitors.


Wima SMD plastic film capacitors are available in 1812, 2220, 2824, 4030, 5040 and 6054 size codes in PET, PEN and PPS dielectrics.

Capacitance range is 0.1µF - 6.8µF and voltage range is 63Vdc - 1000Vdc.

PET and PEN are for use in general DC applications such as by-pass, blocking, de/coupling and timing circuits.

PPS types are for use in similar general DC applications at in high temperature circuits up to +140°C.

Miniature capacitors with 2.5mm pitch

Ultra small film/foil polypropylene or metallized polyester film capacitors for use in HF decoupling circuits with limited space requirements.

Film/Foil Capacitors

Capacitors employing wound metal foil as the dielectric rather than metallized film. This construction results in low series resistance capacitors suitable for pulse and high current carrying applications.

They are available in lead spacings from 5mm to 15mm in either general purpose polyester or high frequency polypropylene dielectrics.

Metallized Film Capacitors

Self-healing capacitors featuring thin layers of vacuum-deposited aluminum on plastic film.

They are available in lead spacings of 5mm to 52.5mm in either general purpose polyester or high frequency polypropylene dielectrics.

Pulse capacitors

Self-healing metallized film capacitors for high current pulse applications.

Capacitance range 100pF to 47µF and voltage range 100Vdc - 6000Vdc.

RFI capacitors

X and Y Class radial leaded plastic film capacitors for EMI suppression applications

Filter capacitors

Low loss polypropylene film capacitors for high frequency AC filtering applications.

Capacitance range 0.68µF to 75µF and voltage range 230Vac to 440Vac.

Snubber capacitors

High pulse metallized film and very high pulse metallized film/foil capacitors in various contact configurations for snubber circuit applications.

Capacitance range 0.01µF to 10µF and voltage range 630Vdc to 4000Vdc.

GTO Capacitors

Dry type plastic film capacitor designed to attenuate voltage spikes on GTOs and IGBTs.

Capacitance range is 1.0µF to 100µF and voltage range is 400Vdc to 2000Vdc.

DC Link Capacitors

High current polypropylene film capacitors in cylindrical and rectangular cases for high power converter applications.

Overall capacitance range 1µF to 4920µF and overall voltage range 400Vdc to 1500Vdc.

To research the Wima range of plastic film capacitors check out our Help Centre article below.

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