An introduction to hermetically sealed tantalum capacitors

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Hermetically sealed tantalum capacitors are designed for high performance in the harsh environments encountered in applications such as aerospace, industrial, down hole and defence. They are typically axial leaded wet tantalum devices, although axial leaded solid tantalums and some surface mount devices are available in hermetically sealed versions. Hermetically sealed tantalum polymer capacitors are also available.



AVX produces one of the largest ranges of hermetically sealed tantalum capacitors in the industry.

The majority are axial leaded wet tantalum types that include high temperature and mil spec types. Applications include aerospace, avionics, down hole, industrial and defence.

They also produce two series of surface mount hermetically sealed devices, one of them (THH series) a high temperature 230°C capacitor for down hole and extreme industrial applications, the other (TCH series) a COTS grade, 125°C capacitor suitable for aerospace, defence and industrial applications.


The Evans Capacitor Company is a specialist manufacturer of high performance wet tantalum capacitors for the aerospace, defence and energy exploration industries.

In addition to their standard range of high energy density capacitors, they also design and manufacture custom devices to individual client specifications.


This long established French manufacturer (formerly Firadec) produces high reliability, hermetically sealed wet tantalum capacitors in axial leaded and surface mount packages for the aerospace and defence industries.


KEMET produces a comprehensive range of axial leaded, hermetically sealed solid tantalum capacitors including mil spec types for the aerospace, defence and industrial markets.


Matsuo produces two series of hermetically sealed solid tantalum capacitors (the 111 and 112 series) for high performance industrial and commercial applications.


To a large part made up of legacy Sprague product, Vishay has the largest range of hermetically sealed wet tantalum capacitors in the industry. They are suitable for defence, aerospace and industrial applications.

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