Five vibration tolerant screw terminal aluminum capacitors for industrial applications

These five screw terminal aluminum electrolytic capacitors feature a vibration tolerant design that makes them suitable for industrial and heavy transport applications.

The four Cornell Dubilier devices employ a rilled construction technique that offers high vibration and shock withstanding capability as well as excellent heat transfer while the Vishay device is a long life, low ESR/ESL capacitor highly resistant to shock and vibration.

The CDE Types 3186 & 3188

The CDE Types 3186 & 3188 are high ripple current devices designed for heavy transport applications.

The Type 3188 is a longer life, higher ripple current version of the Type 3186.

Capacitance range is 220µF to 1.0F and voltage range is 16Vdc to 500Vdc.

Type 3186
Download • 590KB
Type 3188
Download • 477KB

The CDE Types 3191& 3199

The CDE Types 3191 & 3199 are high ripple current devices designed for output filtering on industrial and audio power supplies.

The Type 3199 is a higher capacitance version of the Type 3191.

Overall capacitance range is 2700µF to 1.2F and voltage range is 7.5Vdc to 55Vdc.

Type 3191
Download • 264KB
Type 3199
Download • 402KB

The Vishay 106 PED-ST Series

The Vishay 106 PED-ST Series is designed for smoothing and filtering applications for computer, telecommunications and industrial SMPS systems as well as energy storage in pulse systems.

Capacitance range is 1000µF to 330000µF and voltage range is 25Vdc to 100Vdc.

106 PED-ST Series
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