KEMET KC-LINK™ capacitors for fast switching WBG semiconductor applications

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

The KEMET KC-LINK™ series of multilayer ceramic capacitors are designed for DC-link, snubber and resonator applications in high voltage, high temperature and high frequency fast switching semiconductor circuits.

Their robust BME electrode technology makes them suitable for PCBs in high reliability power converters and inverters without the use of lead frames, thus providing extremely low ESL ratings.

They are able to operate at high ripple currents due to their ultra low ESR, and their very low thermal resistance means no change in capacitance versus DC voltage and negligible change in capacitance versus temperature.

Rated to operate at +150°C, they can be mounted in high power density applications close to the fast switching semiconductor itself.

In addition to commercial grade devices, AEC-Q200 compliant automotive grade devices are available on request.

Capacitance range is 4,700pF - 0.22µF and voltage range 500Vdc - 1,700Vdc.

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