Three multianode tantalum polymer capacitors for ultra low ESR applications
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Three multianode tantalum polymer capacitors for ultra low ESR applications

Tantalum polymer capacitors are by nature low ESR devices; in fact, their raison-d'etre is to provide designers with the combination of low ESR performance and the high capacitance ratings and high reliability of a tantalum dielectric.

Multianode Tantalum Capacitor Design

Three manufacturers have taken things one step further by incorporating a multianode design configuration into a molded surface mount package. The surface area of a tantalum capacitor electrode is a major determining factor of the device's ESR ratings. A multianode design increases the electrode surface area and a higher electrode surface area, in particular a higher surface-to-volume ratio, reduces the ESR of a tantalum capacitor.

All three of the devices below incorporate this multianode design feature into a molded surface mount package, thereby delivering ultra low ESR performance.

AVX TCS Series

The AVX TCS series is a COTS-Plus tantalum polymer capacitor for long life, high reliability applications such as telecommunications, industrial and avionics.

  • Capacitance range: 33µF - 1,000µF

  • Voltage range: 2.5Vdc - 35Vdc

  • Operating temp. range: -55°C - +125°C

Nemco MPT Series

The Nemco MPT series is an ultra low ESR tantalum polymer capacitor for commercial grade applications.

  • Capacitance range: 10µF - 100µF

  • Voltage range: 4Vdc - 100Vdc

  • Operating temp. range: -55°C - +125°C

Vishay T54 Series

The Vishay T54 series is a COTS grade, low profile "face down" tantalum polymer capacitor for high reliability commercial and industrial applications.

  • Capacitance range: 10µF - 470µF

  • Voltage range: 16Vdc - 75Vdc

  • Operating temp. range: -55°C - +105°C