Seven low DC-leakage aluminum electrolytic capacitors from Vishay

Aluminum capacitors typically display relatively high leakage current characteristics making them less than ideal for applications requiring long life from a single small energy source such as a button cell and high energy stability such as a timing circuit.

Low leakage current (and hence low energy consumption) aluminum capacitors however have been available for many years from select manufacturers and Vishay produces the largest range in the industry.

These radial leaded and axial leaded devices are suitable for telecommunications, portable electronics, consumer, industrial and automotive applications.

Special types include high temperature (+125°C) and non-polar devices.

Overall capacitance range is 0.68µF to 15000µF and voltage range is 6.3Vdc to 600Vdc.

Vishay Low DC Leakage Current Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

To find data sheets for low DC leakage current aluminum electrolytic capacitors at our unique data sheet library, check out the Help Centre article below.

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