Ten high temperature wet tantalum capacitors for aerospace, industrial and down hole applications

Wet tantalum capacitors are high reliability, high performance devices typically rated to +125°C.

AVX, Exxelia and Vishay also produce wet tantalum devices rated to work at +175°C, +200°C and +230°C for aerospace, industrial and oil and gas exploration applications.

AVX High Temperature Wet Tantalum Capacitors

Hermetically sealed axial leaded capacitors for aerospace, down hole and special industrial applications.

  • Operating temperatures are +175°C, +200°C and +230°C

  • Standard capacitance range* is 6.8µF to 4700µF

  • Working voltage range is 6Vdc to 125Vdc

* The TWD Series is a high capacitance device for energy hold-up and pulse applications. Capacitance range is 25,000µF to 100,000µF.

TWC-Y Series
Download • 497KB
TWD Series
Download • 369KB
TWA-Y Series
Download • 656KB
TWA-X Series
Download • 465KB


High temperature +200°C devices for similar applications to the AVX range.

  • Capacitance range is 1.7µF to 2200µF

  • Working voltage range is 6Vdc to 150Vdc

ST79 HT200 Series
Download • 317KB
CT79 HT200 Series
Download • 446KB


High temperature (+175°C, +200°C and +230°C) capacitors in hermetically sealed cylindrical and standard axial leaded form factors for down hole, aerospace and industrial applications.

  • Capacitance range is 1.7µF to 2200µF

  • Working voltage range is 6Vdc to 630Vdc

. Series
Download SERIES • 154KB
135D Series
Download • 172KB
T11 Series
Download • 90KB
T34 Series
Download • 103KB

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