The Electronicon PK16 and E61 series DC-link capacitors

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

The Electronicon PK16 and E61 series high density plastic film capacitors are designed to replace banks of series/parallel connected aluminum electrolytic capacitors in DC buffer circuits.

These plastic film capacitors offer superior current strength to conventional aluminum electrolytic capacitors resulting in lower capacitance requirements and a consequent saving of space.

Other advantages over conventional aluminum electrolytic capacitors include:

  • improved operational life

  • reduced failure rates

  • elimination of sharing resistors

Stud fixing and robust threaded terminations provide simple and secure mounting that also provide low inductance and high current paths.

Capacitance range is 29µF to 7400µF and voltage range 600Vdc to 3600Vdc.

To find data sheets for DC-link capacitors at the Captron data sheet library, check out our knowledge base article below.

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