Wima capacitors for DC-link applications

Founded in 1948 and located in Germany, Wima is a leading global designer and manufacturer of plastic film capacitors for the automotive, consumer, industrial and lighting industries.

Their product range comprises:

  • Film/foil capacitors for low ESR, high pulse strength applications

  • Self healing metallized film capacitors for general purpose applications

  • Surface mount PET, PPS and PEN capacitors for general purpose applications

  • X and Y Class RFI suppression capacitors

  • Radial leaded AC filter capacitors

  • Snubber capacitors

  • High RMS current GTO and IGBT capacitors

In addition to the above, they also produce a dedicated line of plastic film capacitors for DC-link (#dclink) applications.

Wima DC Link Capacitors

These low loss metallized polypropylene devices are designed for use in high power converters and feature high capacitance/volume ratio, low ESR and long life performance, a self healing dielectric, and high shock and vibration resistance. Overall capacitance range for the series is 1µF to 8,250µF and voltage range 400Vdc to 1,500Vdc.

The Wima DC-link series of capacitors

To find data sheets for DC-link capacitors at our unique library, check out the Help Centre article below.

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